2017 Was a Time of Renewal

Welcome to the transformation of the Power To You Website and Blog in 2018.  I took the time in 2017 to focus on my own growth and ownership of my chosen life directions.

I got a new dog Ziggy this past year. In fact her paws are on my lap because it is time to take her for a walk.  She has become my partner to achieve a minimum of 10,000 steps and the equivalent of at least 10 flights of 10 feet in elevation on my Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro.



This is Ziggy as a puppy.

We are going on a walk right now, but stay tuned, the Power to you blog will be updated more thoroughly this weekend! I have many new  ideas, activities and strategies to share with you!  Feel free to add your comments below.


Procrastination Prevents Progress

Procrastination affects more than just the thing you have put off doing.  It affects everything else in your life in an insidious way.

I had some major paperwork to complete which I started several times but didn't complete.  My life marched on and I did what needed to be be done, while all the while this one project was in the back of my mind undone.  I realized that I resisted starting new projects with the thought pattern, "I shouldn't start this new thing because I haven't finished that other project.  The other project not being completed affects not only me, but also my family.Oh my gosh, this is awful." Inside, down the awfulizing spiral I would go. 

Toward the end of last year, I started on the paperwork project that I'd put off. I enlisted the help of a friend who had completed her paperwork. She agreed to become my mentor in this effort. I usually don't ask for help because I like to think of myself as capable. I know that asking for help is a sign of character strength and yet I was reluctant to ask.

I was visiting my friend's house with our and other families during a celebration. The conversation turned to the paperwork. I listened, but kept my mouth shut and nodded in mock understanding as the group continued discussing the ins and outs of completing the paperwork. I looked in admiration at my friend and realized that she really knew what she was doing!

About a week later, I called her and asked if she would help me complete my paperwork. She graciously agreed and set up a time for us to meet again. When we met. she looked at my paperwork and she showed me hers.  She then shared a contact with me that had helped her complete her paperwork. I went home and made the appointment.  

A New Beginning

 Succulent art

Succulent art

I found this display on a garden tour. I liked the heart and the surrounding plants and chairs. I felt a sense of calm.  These past months have been a blur of activity. I've had to remind myself to be still and live in the moment. This picture helps me to take a moment.

I have been looking for ways to focus on what's important to me. I accidently found a cable television station that I really like.  It's called Z Living and has shows I really like.  There are several yoga programs, a Feng Shui program. a Zen program, several cooking shows and several health oriented shows.  Dr Oz's wife, Lisa Oz has a show.


The Only Day of the Year That is a Command

March  4th (Forth) is coming this week.  Many people celebrate this day by doing something that they have put of doing.  This works on may different levels.  Maybe some New Year resolutions have never been acted upon or maybe they were enthusiastically started in January but by this time of year, maybe they have been forgotten.

I am going to reinvigorate my activity level. I've been reading and hearing that the current thinking of activity is changing.  In the past, 30 minutes of physical activity, every other day a week, totaling 3 days a week was sufficient.  Then that was updated to 10 minutes of physical activity, 3 times a day to total 30 minutes, again, 3 times a week, every other day.

Now I've heard that is a person is sitting most of the time they are not engaged is physical activity, the sitting around negates the physical activity! I have to admit, when I get home at night, I do a lot of sitting around. I need to figure out how to include activity into my sitting around time.

I'll post more on March 4th. 

New Year

Like everyone else, I think of resolutions at this time of year.  I've been reading a lot about the process and have come across the concept of evolutions, small changes in thinking and doing that make a difference over time. I have already started.  I switched from the large plates and bowls to the little 8 1/2" ones three months ago and I have dropped 10 pounds.  It was a little difficult to feel full at first, but over time, I have gotten used to it.


The first evolution of 2015 for me will be to get 7 hours of sleep a night, so I will have to make this short and get myself to bed in the next 30 minutes.  Happy New Year to you all!

Makes you think....

When I went to yoga yesterday, my yoga teacher had the following quote on the board:

"How you speak to yourself changes everything." ~Cheryl Richardson

I really like what this says. We have an ongoing conversation with ourselves as we interpret the world around us.  This quote reminds me that while I'm interpreting the world around me, I am also interpreting myself.  What things am I telling myself? Am I treating myself with love? Am I challenging myself? Am I being honest with myself?

It also shows the way to change, change how you talk to yourself. Instead of saying to myself, 'There I go again..._________(fill in the blank;)' I can say 'That didn't go well. Next time I can __________(fill in the blank) to make it better.' I can treat myself with respect by accepting mistakes not as  character flaws, but as opportunities to learn better ways.

Problem Solving

The tele-summit call went well. I did have to go outside as my 15 year old dog decided he needed to be in the same room with me and started whining.  So using some of my problem -solving skills, I calmly went to plan B and moved outside.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and the only 'noise' were the sounds of several birds chirping infrequently.

The phone call to my Dad was not on Skype because they have had several problems on their home computer and have not re-configured Skype yet.  My Dad is in great spirits. We had a long conversation about how he spent his day and he shared some of his plans for the coming year.

I worked in my flower garden and also in my fruit and vegetable garden.  I've been trying  to root some lemongrass. I had one in a glass and one stuck in some dirt.  The one in the water grew several roots and the one in the dirt still looks like a stub.  So I put the one with roots in the pot with the rootless stub and watered them both thoroughly.

I looked at the website on my phone and realized that the blog was not accessible, so we changed the settings to fix that.


Today is my Dad's birthday.  I am so lucky to be his kid. I have learned a lot from my parents and am very thankful that they are still very much a part of my life.  I will call them today, in fact I think I will Skype them.

Before I call them though, I will take care of some business.  I have a call- in with Discover Your Greatest Life Now Telesummit  Awaken your heart and step into self-love, strength, and power so you can create the life you love. Coming soon! Tips and strategies from 8 amazing women Details coming soon!!


Getting Started

Whenever I start something new, despite past successes and failures, I spend a lot of time second guessing my plans and decisions.  The planning seems to take longer as I think of what to do next and my mind is flooded with many possibilities. Getting my plans on paper will help me clear my head.  I am simultaneously working on my website and company materials.