Problem Solving

The tele-summit call went well. I did have to go outside as my 15 year old dog decided he needed to be in the same room with me and started whining.  So using some of my problem -solving skills, I calmly went to plan B and moved outside.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and the only 'noise' were the sounds of several birds chirping infrequently.

The phone call to my Dad was not on Skype because they have had several problems on their home computer and have not re-configured Skype yet.  My Dad is in great spirits. We had a long conversation about how he spent his day and he shared some of his plans for the coming year.

I worked in my flower garden and also in my fruit and vegetable garden.  I've been trying  to root some lemongrass. I had one in a glass and one stuck in some dirt.  The one in the water grew several roots and the one in the dirt still looks like a stub.  So I put the one with roots in the pot with the rootless stub and watered them both thoroughly.

I looked at the website on my phone and realized that the blog was not accessible, so we changed the settings to fix that.