Makes you think....

When I went to yoga yesterday, my yoga teacher had the following quote on the board:

"How you speak to yourself changes everything." ~Cheryl Richardson

I really like what this says. We have an ongoing conversation with ourselves as we interpret the world around us.  This quote reminds me that while I'm interpreting the world around me, I am also interpreting myself.  What things am I telling myself? Am I treating myself with love? Am I challenging myself? Am I being honest with myself?

It also shows the way to change, change how you talk to yourself. Instead of saying to myself, 'There I go again..._________(fill in the blank;)' I can say 'That didn't go well. Next time I can __________(fill in the blank) to make it better.' I can treat myself with respect by accepting mistakes not as  character flaws, but as opportunities to learn better ways.