The Only Day of the Year That is a Command

March  4th (Forth) is coming this week.  Many people celebrate this day by doing something that they have put of doing.  This works on may different levels.  Maybe some New Year resolutions have never been acted upon or maybe they were enthusiastically started in January but by this time of year, maybe they have been forgotten.

I am going to reinvigorate my activity level. I've been reading and hearing that the current thinking of activity is changing.  In the past, 30 minutes of physical activity, every other day a week, totaling 3 days a week was sufficient.  Then that was updated to 10 minutes of physical activity, 3 times a day to total 30 minutes, again, 3 times a week, every other day.

Now I've heard that is a person is sitting most of the time they are not engaged is physical activity, the sitting around negates the physical activity! I have to admit, when I get home at night, I do a lot of sitting around. I need to figure out how to include activity into my sitting around time.

I'll post more on March 4th.