Procrastination Prevents Progress

Procrastination affects more than just the thing you have put off doing.  It affects everything else in your life in an insidious way.

I had some major paperwork to complete which I started several times but didn't complete.  My life marched on and I did what needed to be be done, while all the while this one project was in the back of my mind undone.  I realized that I resisted starting new projects with the thought pattern, "I shouldn't start this new thing because I haven't finished that other project.  The other project not being completed affects not only me, but also my family.Oh my gosh, this is awful." Inside, down the awfulizing spiral I would go. 

Toward the end of last year, I started on the paperwork project that I'd put off. I enlisted the help of a friend who had completed her paperwork. She agreed to become my mentor in this effort. I usually don't ask for help because I like to think of myself as capable. I know that asking for help is a sign of character strength and yet I was reluctant to ask.

I was visiting my friend's house with our and other families during a celebration. The conversation turned to the paperwork. I listened, but kept my mouth shut and nodded in mock understanding as the group continued discussing the ins and outs of completing the paperwork. I looked in admiration at my friend and realized that she really knew what she was doing!

About a week later, I called her and asked if she would help me complete my paperwork. She graciously agreed and set up a time for us to meet again. When we met. she looked at my paperwork and she showed me hers.  She then shared a contact with me that had helped her complete her paperwork. I went home and made the appointment.